Physio Or Chiropractor?

Are you confused about who you should see when you are having back or neck pain? Your not alone! Many Australians are suffering with back or neck pain and wonder which is the right choice. At Laguna Bay Chiropractic, Dr. Travis Davis is a USA educated Doctor of Chiropracatic (D.C.). Dr. Davis provides both chiropractic services and rehabilitative exercises.


Physiotherapy focuses on pain relief by giving exercise programs to patients to improve mobility, and will also use massage, stretching, ultrasound and laser therapy to provide mobility and strengthening of the muscle.


Dr. Davis (chiropractor) at Laguna Bay Chiropractic provides stretching, ultrasound, laser, electric muscle stim, spinal decompression and strengthening of the muscle. Additionally chiropractors stabilize the joints first by performing joint manipulation known as a specific chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment allows for a reduction in pain due to improving specific joint mobility as well as relief from nerve impingement caused by the misalignment.

Who should I see?

In a perfect world it would be best to correlate care between a chiropractor and a physio. Unfortunately, due to time and financial constraints this isn't always possible.  Typically after an injury, you should see a chiropractor first. (Have a look at the 3 phases of healing below.) If you are recovering from a back, knee or shoulder surgery, you would likely benefit the most from seeing a physio first.

 There are 3 main phases of healing for musculoskeletal problems.

  1. Pain Relief. - When you are hurting, the only thing you really care about is feeling better. Chiropractic care at Laguna Bay Chiropractic is focused at getting you out of pain quickly.
  2. Stabilization. -  As we focus on relieving your pain, it is important to stabilize the alignment in your spine. At this point, if we start rehabbing the muscles, we might strengthen them around an unstable spinal segment. This can lead to reoccurring flare ups future degeneration.
  3. Rehabilitation. - Once the spinal alignment is stable, we want to have you doing rehabilitative exercises that are specific to your condition. Most of this can be done by Dr. Davis but in some cases, especially post surgery, Dr. Davis will refer to a physio for more ongoing rehab.

Come in for a free consultation.

If you're still concerned about who to see, call Laguna Bay Chiropractic for a free consultation. Dr. Davis will take the time to sit down and talk to you about your problem at no cost to you. If it is determined that he can help, he will recommend chiropractic care with rehabilitative exercise at Laguna Bay Chiropractic. Occasionally he will recommend you see a Primary Care Physician or refer you to a Physio depending on the problem.

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