Computer assisted adjusting.

Computer assisted adjusting is safe, gentle, reliable and effective for fast pain relief.

At Laguna Bay Chiropractic we use computer assisted adjusting for fast pain relief. Computer assisted adjusting is gentle with no twisting, popping or cracking. Computer assisted adjusting is safe chiropractic for everyone!

The adjustment takes place flexed forward in a chair,  making it comfortable for people in acute pain or pregnant women. There are many people suffering with acute injuries which make it very difficult to get on and off of a traditional chiropractic table. The Pro-Chair relieves this discomfort by allowing the patient to relax in a seated forward, fetal style position. Many of our patients tell us they wish they could take the chair home because it is so comfortable. In addition to comfort, the chair allows the joints to be flexed open into a position perfect for an effective adjustment.

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and effective approach to chiropractic.


The Sigma Ultralign (also known as a proadjuster) computerized analysis and adjusting system is the latest in low force adjusting technology. Dr. Travis Davis, a chiro in Noosaville, Queensland uses a piezoelectric sensor to analyze the spine and pinpoint the problem areas. By applying a small force into each vertebra, it senses the feedback from the bone and how resistive it is to that force. It also measures the quality of motion of the bone, too much or too little, and also the smoothness of the joint motion. This information is then charted graphically on a computer monitor, showing the Chiropractor, Dr. Davis,  which joints aren't "playing along" in spinal function. The doctor then selects the joints for adjustment and the instrument uses repetitive adjustments to restore joint function. As the instrument is adjusting it also is sensing the motion. When 10 oscillatory adjustments are within tolerance, the sensor has deemed joint motion restoration to have occured and it shuts off automatically. The Ultralign System allows us to work on people who would not normally be eligible for spinal manipulation because we can focus on specific segments very acurately.

Dr. Travis Davis (chiropractor) performing an adjustment with the proadjuster.

 The Sigma Align adjusting head, above, utilizes a precise oscillating force with uninterrupted motion. It increases the mobility of the spinal segments by enabling motion in the abnormal areas. You might say the Align head is "unsticking" the joint. Also, this instrument is so advanced, that it adjusts in the sub-harmonic frequency of the subluxated joint.

 Imagine a child swinging on a swing set. If you push and wait for the swing to come back before you push again you get a nice smooth cadence. If you were to push the swing and then push again while the child is on the way back it would end in catastrophe! The Sigma Align adjusts within the swing frequency of the vertebrae, thrusting at the right moment to amplify movement providing a safe, gentle and highly effective adjustment.



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